You will enjoy this book about Camp Nebagamon

A History and Memoir of Camp Nebagamon
By Nardie and Sally Lorber Stein

“We drew on our combined 134 years of experience at Nebagamon and decided to buckle down and put our beloved institution’s history down on paper!  For 2 ½ years we wrote, researched, interviewed, invited some guest writers, pretty much lived and breathed the book – and now it’s ready for you, the reader!”….Nardie & Sally

344 pages chock full of history, anecdotes,

 and over 260 pictures


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…Want a little taste of what’s inside the book?

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
i2-1952-cabin-bk01_24-cabgrp-w-bendt-clair-mustPart I: The People
1. Muggs and Janet Lorber, the Founders
2. The Staff and Some of Their Stories
3. The Campers and Some of Their Stories
4. Women at Camp Nebagamon: From the Kitchen to the Boundary Waters
5. Nebagamon Parents

1936 Rec Hall with no porches 1936 Rec Hall with no porches

Part II. The Site
6. The Land and Buildings
7. Caretakers: The Stewards of Camp

sailing-1969_bk07_01-sailing Part III. The Program
8. The Evolution of Camp’s Program
9. The Program: Daily, Weekly, and Once-a-Summer
10. Camp Traditions
11. Wilderness Tripping and Some Stories
12. Spiritual Aspects of Camp
13. Singing, Shows, and the Follies
14. Family Camp
15. Other Camps Nebagamon Ran

camper-travel-atrain-1960-60_bk08_21 1960 camp train departs

Part IV. Under the Tip of Iceberg and More Stories
16. Camper Enrollment and Winter Recruiting Trips
17. Food and Food Service People
18. Camper Travel to and from Camp
19. Diversity at Camp
20. The Business of Camping and the Impact of Technology
21. Medical Care and Stories
22. Camp Crises
23. Camp and Village Relations
24. Thorny Issues
25. Hoaxes
26. NebagaDogs
27. Giving Back and Connecting

wilderness-tripping-1978_bk09_02-anoe-tripPart V. Reflections
28. Friendships
29. Reflections of One Lucky Guy: Nardie Remembers
30. Three-Quarters of a Century at Camp Nebagamon: Sally Remembers

Glossary of Nebagawords